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When it comes to keeping your home warm during the cooler periods of the year, a gas furnace does the job best. Using gases like propane and natural gas as fuel, these units use combustion to produce and extract heat safely and efficiently. Space heating is the largest energy end-use in the Canadian residential sector, accounting for greater than 50% of a home’s energy usage. That’s why it makes sense to choose a furnace that’s the least expensive to operate.

For a furnace to be considered as high−efficient, it must have an AFUE rating of 90% or higher. ENERGY STAR® certified furnaces must have an AFUE of at least 95% and a high−efficiency fan motor. High−efficiency furnaces have a second heat exchanger and their exhaust gases are cool enough that they are vented directly through an outside wall with a plastic pipe − a chimney is not required. Not only will you realize natural gas savings, but electricity savings too! Furnaces will provide residential space heating for a lifetime of 20–30 years at their rated efficiencies if installed correctly and maintained properly.

Why You Should Rent?

Replacing the major appliance in your home is not an easy decision and potentially can lead to increased energy savings, decrease in your carbon footprint and contribute to a healthier more comfortable home. Whether it’s your home heating, cooling, water heating or water filtration systems, rental program is the only program that guarantees you total home comfort without the worry of ever again having to pay for an unforeseen repair or replacement expense. Here are just a few of the benefits you get by renting:

ZERO upfront charges*
Flexible monthly rates
FREE installation
Emergency priority service - 24/7/365
Life-time* service and repairs

Why is it better for the environment?

Energy and the environment are closely linked, so improving your unit's energy efficiency not only saves you money, but it also saves important natural resources. Every natural gas furnace is assigned an efficiency rating known as its "Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency" (AFUE). The AFUE is defined as the total heating output (in British thermal units or Btu) provided by the unit during its normal annual usage period divided by its total energy input (in watt-hours) during the same period or in short AFUE indicates the level of energy needed to provide the heating output required. The greater the number, the more energy efficiency the unit is and and the lower your utility bills will be. Today, the minimum rating allowed by the Canadian government is 92%.

Reduce your greenhouse gas emissions
No pollutants into the atmosphere
Noise levels as low as 66dB
Energy Star® certified and tested

Choosing the Right Furnace

A furnace is an appliance that provides your home with warmth and comfort when outdoor temperatures begin drop in the fall and winter. If you want to buy the right furnace, it can take time for you to review your options to find out which one would be the best furnace that suits your home. It’s crucial you find the one that will make you comfortable and convenient for your wallet. Here are some things to look for when making your choice:

Efficiency: AFUE

Furnace efficiency indicates the level of energy needed to provide the heating output required. The greater the number, the more energy efficiency the unit is and and the lower your utility bills will be.

Size: BTU

Finding the right-sized gas furnace for your home can be a big problem. Furnace’s size will strongly affect how comfortable you will be, how efficient the furnace will run and how long the furnace lasts.

Energy Star®

Energy star® will serves as your guide to furnaces that earn the highest ratings for energy efficiency. Energy star products has a valid certification that it is certified and tested for its use.


When you choose reliable products, you also have to get dependable warranty coverage to protect your family’s investments. The warranty depends upon your model. Certain components within the system may have different standard warranty periods.

Gas Furnace Energy Savings

Today, a variety of technologies are available for heating your house such as radiant heaters, active solar heating, heat pumps, etc. But, the most popular and widely accepted equipment for home heating is the natural gas furnace. Furnaces work on the basic principle of sucking in fresh air, heating it, and then, supplying it inside the home through ducts. But, conventional furnaces consume a great deal of energy doing this.

Keeping the home warm during winters is a basic requirement, but energy bills can sky rocket during the winters. Upgrading to a high efficiency furnace is the best way to save energy and money spent on utility bills. An energy efficient ecoENERGY Home Services furnace not only saves your energy and reduces those high energy bills, but also provides unparalleled comfort throughout your entire home.

You don’t have to pay thousands of dollars to upgrade your home’s heating system to a highly efficient gas furnace. Eco Energy Home Services Inc. offers furnace rentals for homeowners throughout Ontario. Together with our certified, licensed HVAC service technicians, we will replace or upgrade your gas furnace or propane furnace to a brand new highly efficient heating system.

Eco Energy Home Services brings to you the best range of gas home heating furnaces that are known for their efficient performance. The furnaces that you find here are trendy in look, rich in features, affordable in price, and unmatched in energy saving. Our furnaces come with Energy Star® rating, lifetime repairs and service, and programmable thermostat, besides several other notable benefits. With these furnaces, the savings energy is what we take pride in the most!

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