Heat Recovery Ventilator

Facts At A Glance

Get a continuous supply of fresh filtered air from Heat Recovery Ventilator (HRV) in your home. It allows the outside air to filter then become fresh, dry and warm air that enters to your home. Heat Recovery Ventilator has a two built in fans or sometimes called air to air heat exchanger, that transfers the heat air stream to a cold air supply, offering a solution that brings fresh air into your home without letting the heat escape. You can enjoy the fresh warm dry air in your indoor with your family and loved ones.

With an Energy Star® rated product line, eco energy efficiently warm the air. It saves more than 75% wasted energy in your home. In hot and air conditioning climate, HRV offers better energy savings. This device is better for a place that has a high winter humidity to enjoy the warm air that being converted from the outdoor air. It reduced the energy consumption by using the heat in the outgoing exhaust air from outside and prevent the odor from kitchen and bathrooms. It reduces also the energy consumption related to greenhouse gas emission.

Why You Should Rent?

Replacing the major appliance in your home is not an easy decision and potentially can lead to increased energy savings, decrease your carbon footprint and contribute to a healthier more comfortable home. Whether it’s your home heating, cooling, water heating or water filtration systems, our unique rental program is the only program that guarantees you total home comfort without the worry of ever again having to pay for an unforeseen repair or replacement expense. Here are just a few of the benefits you get by renting:

ZERO upfront charges*
Flexible monthly rates
FREE installation
Emergency priority service - 24/7/365
Life-time* service and repairs

Why is it better for the environment?

Energy and the environment are closely linked, so improving your unit's energy efficiency not only saves you money, but it also saves important natural resources. Heat Recovery Ventilator helps conserves energy by filtering the air from outside and renew to become fresh in the indoor. It also prevents the energy to get wasted because of the function of the device that can pre-humidified the air from outside.

Reduce your greenhouse gas emissions
No pollutants into the atmosphere
Noise levels as low as 66dB
Energy Star® certified and tested

Choosing the Right Heat Recovery Ventilator

In choosing the right Heat Recovery Ventilator you should look for the quality and efficiency of the product. It also depends on the size or the range you want in your home. Choose the product that has a good output in the environment, eco-friendly and energy efficiency are some of the things to remember. Here are some things to look for when making your choice:

Efficiency: AFUE

Furnace efficiency indicates the level of energy needed to provide the heating output required. The greater the number, the more energy efficiency the unit is and and the lower your utility bills will be.

Energy Star®

Energy star® will serves as your guide to furnaces that earn the highest ratings for energy efficiency. Energy star products has a valid certification that it is certified and tested for its use.


When you choose reliable products, you also have to get dependable warranty coverage to protect your family’s investments. The warranty depends upon your model. Certain components within the system may have different standard warranty periods.

Heat Recovery Ventilator Energy Savings

Eco Energy has brought a line of Airflow HRV and Air Filtration System that are professionally built and patented with aluminum core. This Airflow HRV provides fresh air and improves climate control in home or work-place. Heat Recovery Ventilators has the unique ability to transfer the temperature of indoor stale air to the incoming fresh air, you’ll realize lower heating and cooling costs year round while enjoying all the benefits superior indoor air quality.

The introducing fresh air inside Eco Energy Air Filtration System helps in saving energy and utilizing minimum efforts. Unlike random filtration system eco energy systems and appliances are crafted to meet both inbound and outbound air cleaning functionality.

Now breathe in fresh air and place your postures in the healthy and untouched environment. Adhere to Eco Energy range of air filtration systems that are fair to your pocket and allows you to enjoy clean aroma after staunch of tasks undergone by right core Airflow HRV and air filters.

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