Facts At A Glance

Tankless water heaters, as the name suggests, are the water heaters without a tank, and in this way they are quite different from the conventional water heaters. Though both conventional water heaters and tankless water heaters work either on gas or electricity, the water heating technique used by the latter is somewhat different. While the traditional water heaters store the hot water in a tank and maintain it at a temperature of about 120° Fahrenheit, the tankless water heaters heat the water as and when required rather than storing it. The tankless models are known for their flexibility of use, energy-efficiency, and Eco-friendliness.

In residential sector, heating water accounts for approximately 15% of a home’s energy use. High efficiency water heaters use 10% to 50% less energy than standard models, saving homeowners money on their utility bills but actual energy savings from high efficiency water heaters depend on family size, heater location, and the size and placement of water pipes.

Why You Should Rent?

Replacing the major appliance in your home is not an easy decision and potentially can lead to increased energy savings, decrease in your carbon footprint and contribute to a healthier more comfortable home. Whether it’s your home heating, cooling, water heating or water filtration systems, rental program is the only program that guarantees you total home comfort without the worry of ever again having to pay for an unforeseen repair or replacement expense. Here are just a few of the benefits you get by renting:

ZERO upfront charges*
Flexible monthly rates
Standard installation
Emergency priority service - 24/7/365
No replacement or maintenance costs

Why is it better for the environment?

Energy and the environment are closely linked, so improving your unit's energy efficiency not only saves you money, but it also saves important natural resources. With a tankless water heater, the supply of hot water can be endless. A tankless water heater is given BTU (British Thermal Unit) input and efficiency ratings. These determine its flow rate, expressed in gallons per minute (GPM). One BTU is equal to the amount of energy required to raise the temperature of 1 pound of water 1 degree F. The higher a water heater’s BTU rating, the higher the flow rate. Under normal circumstances, it takes about 31,000 BTUs to deliver 1.2 GPM; 190,000 BTUs deliver 5.7 GPM.

Emit low NOx gas combustion
Energy Factor of 0.96
93% Efficiency Rating
Energy Star® certified and tested

Choosing the Right Tankless Water Heater

Never think about your hot water needs again: Innovative technology provides an endless supply of hot water whenever and wherever it’s needed – even for simultaneous uses at multiple fixtures. Showers and baths? Absolutely. Laundry and dishes? No problem. Tankless water heaters do not store heated water, but rather heat water only as it is needed. Here are some things to look for when making your choice:

Water Heater Flow

With a tankless water heater, the supply of hot water can be endless. You don’t empty the water heater with a tall bath because there isn’t a tank to empty. With this type of water heater, the issue isn’t capacity, it’s flow.

Size: BTU

BTUs are units of power – A tankless water heater is given BTU (British Thermal Unit) input and efficiency ratings. These determine its flow rate, expressed in gallons per minute (GPM). The higher a water heater’s BTU rating, the higher the flow rate.

Energy Star®

Energy star® will serves as your guide to tankless water heaters that earn the highest ratings for energy efficiency. Energy star® products has a valid certification that it is certified and tested for its use.


When you choose reliable products, you also have to get dependable warranty coverage to protect your family’s investments. The warranty depends upon your model. Certain components within the system may have different standard warranty periods.

Tankless Hot Water Heater Energy Savings

Hot water is mainly used for bathing and cleaning purposes in most homes. The demand for such water is even high during winters. There are various kinds of water heaters available in the market, but Tankless water heaters are the latest breakthrough in water heating.

Eco Energy Home Services Tankless water heaters, which are also called on-demand or instantaneous water heaters, provide hot water only when needed; they do not store water in a tank, hence the name Tankless. These devices, understandably, can cut your energy consumption substantially by their very nature as they prevent wastage of water and power, for hot water is supplied only when needed. While a conventional tankless water heater consumes a lot of power while they are being utilized, an Energy Star energy-efficient Eco Energy Home Services model are known for industry leading technologies that reduce the powere required greatly when compared to traditional tanks.

Eco Energy Home Services deals in Energy Star® certified Tankless water heaters that provide maximum savings in terms of energy and utility costs. These water heaters not only provide you hot water as and when required, but they help you in saving considerable money over time. Our water heaters have zero upfront cost and they come with lifetime repairs warranty. That means, when you purchase a Tankless water heater from Eco Energy Home Services you can rest assure you will save on energy throughout the lifetime of the unit.

Eco Energy Home Services Inc. provides you with eco-friendly, convenient and hassle-free Ontario Tankless Water Heater Rentals for maximum home comfort. Only certified, professional and experienced HVAC technicians install your new Tankless Water Heater giving you the assurance that your Ontario HVAC equipment rental will last you a lifetime and save you thousands of dollars every year on your heating bills!

Call us now at 1 877 475 6888 and let our Energy Management experts assess your home comfort needs for a hassle-free, convenient and reliable Tankless Water Heater Rental in Ontario!

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